Shanghai Jingzheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Shanghai Jingzheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Beijing is oo was established in two years, is a professional 

exhibition organizer, meeting service-oriented organization, the company since its inception, has 

been a keen eye to the unique, to attract domestic and foreign enterprises to explore the international market, 

according to local conditions for enterprises to provide the latest information and services. In the 

company of "pragmatic innovation, integrity and service" business philosophy for many domestic and foreign 

enterprises into the international market to provide all-round, multi-angle, high standards of professional exhibition services.


SHANGHAI TIMBER ASSOCATION (abbreviation STTA), founded in April 2003, for the city Timber Circulation, processing 

industry enterprises voluntarily cross-sectoral, cross-ownership-for-profit industry organization legal person, under the furniture, 

floors, doors, staircases, mahogany, softwood, marketing and other seven professional committees, members of various 

forms of ownership association has more than 1,200 units.

Association has with international organizations and rainforest United States, Canada, France, Sweden, Japan, Finland, Australia, 

Russia, Chile, Southeast Asia and other regional associations to establish a wide range of bilateral exchanges and cooperation relations, 

the Association in promoting technological progress, pushing the gold industry, 

norms Wood markets, promote green products play an active role.

Woodexpo2017 is China's imports of wood only to the theme of international trade shows,......


15,800 square meters,the scene showing more than 100 kinds of quality from the world of ...


INGZHENG is a professional exhibition organizer, meeting service-oriented organization ......

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